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Do the simple first!

This may seem like very basic and simple advice but it is fundamental. Do the simple first. OK, it's not Earth shattering but it is fundamental to any business or venture. By doing the simple first you are setting the priorities and the functional design of your business first.

So, let's examine the statement and its application for your brand. Company A has an idea for a website that is a service based website for consumers. But along with the idea they have thoughts of allowing consumers to not only upload but also but to manipulate their product. They also have an idea for business to business interchange and a business to consumer portal.

Well, all of these sound great but as a starting business it may be too much of an undertaking. This is the problem with many startups. They have great ideas, which are all worthy of investment, but may spread the resources of the company too thin. So, do the simple first.

Primarily, what is your company about, who is your target audience and what is your main product or service? Do that! Begin with the primary, establish that portion of the business so it runs like a well oiled machine then add the other aspects. In doing the simple first it is not ignoring the other great ideas and aspects. It is just a systematic process of establishing your bread and butter the

n adding the fixings. Once this portion is functional then go and add the other pieces. But, remember this saying...Experience, Learn, and Adapt!


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