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The Mango Seed

Recently, a pastor friend of mine had the occasion to speak to a group of children and refugees in the country of Nigeria. During his talk he spoke about the wonders of a Mango Seed.

A Mango seed, when in its seed form, is fairly nondescript, it is about half the size of your palm, and oblong in shape. But the wonders of the Mango Seed is in what it produces. It produces a succulent, nourishing tropical fruit grown throughout Asia, South America, Mexico, and parts of Africa. The taste varies from Mango to Mango, some are more acidic than other but the taste is one of natures best natural candies. It can never be confused with an orange, or an apple, or a grapefruit because it's a Mango; by size shape and color it is a Mango and does only what a Mango can do.

The glory in the seed of the Mango is that God gave the Mango seed everything it needs to become a Mango on its inside. Stored inside the Mango seed is every bit of knowledge and programming for that seed to become the best Mango it can grow into being. While developing the seed doesn't have to hope that it's going to be a Mango and it's not believing that it is going to be a Mango, it knows that it is a Mango. Inside each Mango seed is all that it needs to develop into the beautiful tropical fruit that we all love.

The same is with you. God placed inside of you everything you need to be all that He has personally called and designed you to accomplish. There is no faith needed, no belief, and no hope needed for you to hear God's voice and do as He has commanded. So, I encourage you to take the time to hear, from Him, what He has already placed inside of you to accomplish in concert with Him and watch what God will do with your life.

Like the Mango Seed you are already destined to succeed.


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