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Pay For It Once

I recently consulted for a church that wanted to renovate an area that was going to be used for the production studio. We set an aggressive schedule of running wires, bringing in sub-contractors, ordering material, and setting it up and running. Most of this work was being accomplished while the senior pastor was away and there was a huge desire by the administrator to show what he accomplished during this period of time.

Well, within this schedule and time frame I worked out the correct order of sub-contractors, and ordering of material, which put the completion out by about 6 weeks. However, the administrator needed this done in as little time as possible. So, we sat down, looked at the schedule and could not find an area that could be rushed. First, we order the wires and cut them, then ran the wires while the electrician is setting up the room etc...

and I strongly suggested that we stick with the plan because it would cost the ministry undue funds to move away from it. Well, instead of doing it in order we brought in the painter before the electrician and before the wires were run. The painting subcontractor painted approx. 4000sq ft.

Then, the electrician came in and cut holes into freshly painted walls, scraped up the paint and left their mark in every room. Then, the wires were run and suddenly more holes appeared, ceilings were dismantled, and walls were, well let's say blown-up.

In an effort to show progress to a senior pastor that was very understanding the administrator absolutely destroyed what the painters had just completed. We had to bring the painters back out to the job and start all over again re-painting the rooms they had just completed about 1 week prior.

Lesson: Don't pay twice for something you only have to pay for once.



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