Live Streaming

You want the highest quality show possible, using the best equipment and without getting a headache over it. Let TN Consulting remove the concern.  We use TV/Film broadcasting as our gold standard and we can deliver this level of quality to your next stream.

Get the most out of your broadcasted show, conference or special event by letting us run the live stream for you.

  • Weekly Broadcast

    Schedule your weekly broadcast with the confidence that it will work every time with consistency. From one to two camera setups streaming to one or multiple platforms.

  • Large Conferences

    We record and archive all events and deliver to you the files at the end of your event. We broadcast large conferences and mix presentation with speaker. Up to 4 cameras and multiple platform streams.

  • Live Events

    Our consultants specialize in live events such as concerts, graduations, sporting events and more. We use up to 6 cameras, professional producer, audio engineer and director. Attract a larger audience and expand your reach.

What You Receive

By choosing one of our curated streaming plans that best suits your project, we will guide you through the entire production process from start to finish. All plans include an in-depth consultation, equipment punch list, collection of all graphics/music/video assets, a run of show and technical rehearsal and delivery of high quality recordings of your work.

Single Camera

Stream on multiple platforms at once, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, company website, etc.​

  • 1 4K camera and operator.

  • Up to 90min Livestream Broadcast + Recording

  • 1 Camera and tripod, audio (microphone and aux input).

Multiple Camera

Stream on multiple platforms at once, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, company website, etc.​

  • Multi-channel Video & Audio mix (includes all equipment for up to 2hrs of live stream + recording)​

  • up to 6 x  Cameras with tripods and operators.

  • Audio engineer.

  • Remote box and other essential accessories

Education Specials

Graduations, Sporting Events, Ceremonies and meetings.

Let us put together a custom package to fit your needs. With special education pricing and deliverable of digital goods let each school events shine with the attention it deserves.


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