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Video Production

Live Stream Your Next Event

Reach a wider audience with reliable professional equipment. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Conferences

  • Weddings

  • Concerts

  • Memorial services (quick turnaround)

  • Weekly Services

Contact us today so we can customize a package to meet your specific needs.

Social Media

The World Is Your Stage

We live in a world where everyone is connected. This world needs your voice to add clarity to the noise. A well articulated post can change the landscape. At TN Consulting we use each social media platform to its highest. Through understanding the purpose of each platform we tweak your message and deliver your voice to the world.

Church Consulting

Strategic Planning

Understanding the special needs of churches is where we began and still love to operate. Whether you are looking to upgrade your audio, video, or streaming services we can tailor a package that will meet your specific needs. We also work with your team to train and equip them to control and operate your social media platforms to brand your ministry.


IT Services

Custoem Solutions to Custom Issues

Our IT Department will sit with you to evaluate your project and develop a customized solution which fits the need of your company, church or small business. Some of our services are:

  • VOIP Phone

  • Automated responses

  • Unique Code for your website

  • Networking

Lighting and Production

The World Is A Stage

With a combined more than 60 years in theatrical performance and customized lighting ranging from plays, to musicals, to dance recitals, to concerts we can see your vision and make it come to life. We will aid your team in developing a spectacular experience for all members of your audience. Due to the nature of time in planning theatrical performances please contact us with enough time to adequately plan your event.  Preferable six months to a year in advance.

Copy Writing

Make it Snappy

In a growing world of media noise it is crucial for you to pierce through with snappy, edgy, and accurate advertising. Be it, email, twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, letters, ads, or any other means of print you want your voice heard. Here at TN Consulting we specialize in your vision. Our priority is your priority.


Website Development

The Face of Your Ministry

Your website is the face of your ministry to the world. What and is capable of doing and engaging visitors is a reflection of your ministry; it is the first impression you will leave with many visitors.

We offer full website development designed for either us to manage or for you and your team to manage. 

Music Clinic

In Tune Every Time

One of our most sought after services is our hands-on clinic to work with your musicians and choir. Our expertise ranges from Praise and Worship Bands to traditional Choral Ensembles and Orchestras.

These clinics range from 3-5 hour daily clinics and weekend and week long retreats. To schedule a free consultation and visit please contact us immediately so we can fit our schedule to your schedule.


Every Seed Has A Beginning

Our fees are determined by the services you request and your ability to pay. Don't allow fees to prevent you from contacting us.

We will do all we can to find a workable solution that fits your budget.